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Creation of artificial land plots is still very popular. And unpunished


     According to the State Inspection of Ukraine on Control Over Land Use and Protection, during the first quarter of 2009 the Inspection performed checks of observance of land legislation on lands of water fund (land plots with rivers, lakes and ponds, water protecting stripes, zones of sanitary protection, coastal zones and land adjacent to these areas). The checks revealed 375 instances of violation of land legislation on the area of 3200 hectares. In 26 cases Inspection submitted petitions to the Offices of Public Prosecutor for initiation of criminal investigation.
     In most cases violation were committed on land plots within the boundaries of coastal protecting stripes and zones of sanitary protection of water objects; thus those violations made irreparable damage to the nature.
     One of the most popular violations is the creation of artificial land plots. Such cases were found in Crimea, Vinnitsa Oblast, Dniepropetrovsk Oblast, Kiev Oblast and Khmelnitsky Oblast.
     [MyLand: to our knowledge, in most cases there is a clear corruption. An interested person makes deal with local authorities, bodies of land resources and other state authorities. Then this person gets allocated a land plot of certain are, which is in fact not a LAND plot but WATER. That means that a piece of surface of some water object – a river or a lake – has been allocated as if it were solid rock. Then this interested person “adjusts” the reality to the papers, and creates an artificial land plot with use of different methods, including hydraulic deposition of soil and others. That is how it is done. As a result, irreparable damage is caused to the nature, i.e. places for spawning of fish are destroyed etc]
     The Inspection was trying to prevent further violations of the kind and developed a draft law on measures of more stringent liability for unauthorized, without proper procedure and documents, creation of artificial land plots. The draft law was approved by all related ministries and by the Ministry of Justice. It was regisred in the Parliament on Sept. 11, 2008 under # 3134.
But there was a strong opposition to the draft, and one of the Party of Region MPs (namely Mr Sivkovich) submitted a draft resolution on rejection of the draft law # 3134.
     Then a compromise draft was produced by a group of MPs (# 3417 of Nov. 27, 2008). [MyLand: this draft was approved in the first reading by 385 voices of MPs on March 17, 2009. Since then there was no more advance to any direction]

     The Inspection believes that there is no other way except for introduction of more severe liability for those damaging the nature and natural complexes by creating artificial land plots outside proper procedure, control and technical and legal expertise.


Translated by MyLand, 2009

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