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Development of Automated System of Land Cadastre of Ukraine


     This information is provided by the press-service of the Centre of State Land Cadastre and translated by MyLand:

     State enterprise “Center of State Land Cadastre” (hereinafter CSLC) implemented several measures aiming at establishment and putting into operation of the automated system of land cadastre (hereinafter ASLC). As of today there have been developed conceptual foundations for establishment of such information and telecommunication system; basic technical solutions have been created and put into experimental operation.
     The main stage of the development of ASLC is creation of so-called transitional registration system (TRS). TRS is meant for integration of different existing data bases, for accumulation of digitalized information about land plots and land titles coming from the local level, spatial data etc. It has to become a single nation-wide data base and a basis for the national ASLC.
     The number of data files accumulated by the CSLC in TRS is steadily growing (it is so-called “In4 files” which contain digitalized information about land plots. In4 format was first developed and used in the USSR and is still employed by the state land administration system in Ukraine. Nowadays it is planned to replace In4 with better format which is being discussed by the CSLC and State Committee on Land Resources). The total number if files accumulated in TRS exceeded 10 million.
     One of the problems with accumulation of data in TRS is the poor quality of land surveying documentation and digitalized data. In March 2009 offices of CSLC returned to land surveyors 45% of documents submitted, in April – 43%, in May – 39%.
     At the same time local offices of the CSLC often accept digital data of low quality; when the data is checked at the central office a significant number of overlapping plots was revealed. In order to limit the number of mistakes an experimental system was designed and put into operation at the Kiev office of CSLC. This system shall make the whole process of acceptance of digital data and technical documents automatic, including check of integrity, completeness and coherence.
     In order to make land registration more accurate and timely, CSLC developed and put into operation Automated System for Creation of Electronic Copy of Registration Book. In registration books local offices of the CSLC make written records about land titles and land lease contracts; the Automated System shall become a digital copy of books. CSLC is accumulating electronic copies of registration books from local offices of CSLC.
     Moreover, an electronic registry of registration books has been created; the registry contains data about registration books from the local level. As of April 2009 there was 77144 records made about registration books in the system. Every quarter CSLC transfers a copy of the electronic registry to the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources.
     Other important component of the spatial data base is orthophoto plans. Orthophoto plans are being produced within the framework of the WB project on rural land titling. Nowadays CSLC is checking orthophoto plans for 10 Oblasts of Ukraine. From the beginning of 2009 CSLC accepted plans of 1:10000 scale for 57749,5 square kilometers of Ukraine. In particular, Volyn Oblast (6530 km2), Zakarpattya (1369,5 km2), Kyiv (14900 km2), Cherinigiv (29950 km2). Plans of 1:5000 scale for the total area of 8980 square kilometers were accepted also, including Volyn Oblast (680 km2), Kyiv (1600 km2), Odessa (4300 km2), Chernigiv (2400 km2).
     In April 2009 within the framework of WB project there started creation, correction and updating of index cadastral maps.
     A very important piece of work - development of terms of reference for software of the state land cadastre - was completed jointly by experts of the WB project and CSLC. This work was plodding with no tangible success for 4 years, and in June 2009 it was finally finished. Actually, the work was done during 2 months.
     An important task within the framework of cadastre development is establishment of reliable and protected communication channels between CSLC and its local offices. It is planned to make 550 local communication units; over the period of 3 years there have been created 364 units. This work is being done on the basis of the contract with UKRTELECOM; only two Oblasts have been fully linked with the central office of CSLC (Ternopil and Chernivtsi). In many cases technical problems prevent establishment of permanent communication channels, because of lack of physical lines and available ports.
     As an integral part of work, CSLC is trying to create a complex data protection system for every software and hardware component. Nowadays CSLC is preparing a tender for contracting a company which will produce such system.

Translated by MyLand, 2009

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