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Information about Crime Rate in Ukraine in 2008


ABSTRACTS related to land resources


     … in 2008 there were detected more organized criminal groups active in the economic sector, in particular in illegal dealings with land resources with use of corruption liaisons in state executive bodies.
… Public Prosecutors were active in fighting bribery. They submitted to courts 1376 criminal cases. For example, in October 2008 Public Prosecutor Office of Kyiv Oblast submitted to court a case against a mayor of one of villages in Boguslav Rayon of Kyiv Oblast who extorted a bribe of UAH 200 thousand for allocation of 1 ha of land. In November 2009 another case was directed to court – that time it was a mayor of a village in Vyshgorod Rayon who was claiming a bribe of USD 1.3 million for allocation of 1.3 ha.
… Public Prosecutors sent to court more than 200 protocols about corruption activities committed mostly by officials of bodies of executive power and local self-governance (illegal facilitation in allocation of land into ownership and leasehold, informal leasing of state-owned land, provision of biased and fake information about public land sold and leased out etc).
… Public prosecutors were constantly undertaking control over land relation sphere. As a result of checks, there were started 589 criminal investigations, 279 of which have already been submitted to courts. Prosecutors challenged 7.3 illegal decisions. Almost 4.9 thousand officials were brought to liability, damages to the tune of UAH 57 million were reimbursed. Upon intervention of public prosecutors illegal alienation of 21 thousand ha of state-owned land was prevented; more than 11 thousand ha was claimed back for the state (of which 2672 ha were illegally seized, 6571 ha – illegally allocated).
     Public prosecutors revealed illegal schemes for alienation of state-owned land (on dummies) and also numerous cases of sale of agricultural land contrary to prohibition established by the moratorium. For example, there is an investigation against official of Kyiv City State Administration who illegally facilitated withdrawal of 70 ha of forest land from the state enterprise “Kyiv Forest Farm” and subsequent allocation of that land to citizens for (allegedly) individual farming.
     It is clear that proper reaction to violation of land legislation is complicated because of absence of boundaries of land of nature protection and reserve fund, of water fund, of historical and culture use, incomplete demarcation of land of municipal and state ownership, incomplete inventory of land, unfinished monetary valuation of land.
     Inadequate legal basis of land relations is also facilitating abuse of legal regime of land. There are still missing laws on land market and land cadastre, and the automated system of state land cadastre has not yet been established. Because of absence of the national program for use and protection of land respective measures in this sphere are not funded.
... Public prosecutors revealed instances of illegal withdrawal of land plots of nature reserve fund for development, construction and agricultural use; as a result, protected areas are shrinking or disappearing.
... Public prosecutors found numerous cases of grave violation of land legislation by executive bodies and bodies of local self-governance which take decisions on allocation of land plots, change of end-use of land plots, privatization and leasing of state-owned land. There were 830 claims on revocation of such decisions submitted to courts. An example – Office of Public Prosecutor General submitted a claim on re-privatization of 30 ha of land at Bezimenny Island in Kaniv Reservoir on Dnipro. This land according to the land law is not subject to privatization or transfer into municipal ownership. It was found that land titles on this land were counterfeited…

Information of the Office of Public Prosecutor General translated for you by MyLand

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