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Derzhkomzem sums up 2008


     On 27 February 2009 State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources (Derzhkomzem) held the session of its collegium. Session was chaired by the Head of Derzhkomzem Mr Oleh Kulinich and attended by Deputy Secretary of the National Council for Security and Defense Mr Igor Yatsuk (ex-Head of Derzhkomzem), representatives of the Parliament, ministries and state committees, and also media.
     At the session the working of Derzhkomzem in 2008 was summed up and objectives for 2009 were set.
     In general, the collegium concluded that results of Derzhkomzem working were unsatisfactory.
     According to the agenda 2008, Derzhkomzem should have drafted 27 legislative acts. In fact the Parliament approved only 2 laws and the Cabinet of Ministers passed only 5 resolutions. Among top priorities of legislative work in 2009, just like in the past 2008, there are laws on land market, land cadastre, state land service, on procedure for changing end-use of land plots, on better enablement of the State inspection for control of land use and protection, National program for land use and land protection. 
     The work on creation of full-fledged legal basis for transparent and competitive land market also failed. The draft law on auction sale of non-agricultural land plots of state and communal ownership was submitted to the consideration of the Government on December 23, 2008.
     The automated system of state land cadastre has not been established.
     Measures for protection of land were funded in 2008 to the tune of UAH 9.5 million, and these measures were barely realized. Funds paid to the local budgets as compensation for allocation of agricultural and forest land for industrial and commercial use were used ineffectively and misappropriated. Only 7.2% of the said funds has been used for implementation of measures for protection of land.
     Demarcation of boundaries of administrative and territorial units is taking a very slow pace. As of today, boundaries were established in 19176 settlements out of 29814. In 2008 there were established and demarcated in kind boundaries of 561 settlements. Respective draft law on procedure for establishment and demarcation of boundaries of administrative and territorial unites was submitted to the consideration of the Government in December 2008.
     The inventory of land of settlements and of non-agricultural land outside settlements is performed extremely slowly. The total area of land which passed the inventory is 4534.4 thousand ha or 61.33% of the total area subject to inventory. In 2008 there was inventoried 123.64 thousand ha in settlements. The area of inventoried land outside settlement is 7722.9 thousand ha or 70.81% of the total area subject to inventory. In 2008 there was inventoried 111.82 thousand ha of non-agricultural land outside settlements.
     Bodies of local self-governance in 2008 passed 302 decisions on demarcation and separation of state and municipal land in respect of 240 thousand ha. The total area of land in Ukraine which is subject to demarcation and separation of state-owned and municipal-owned is about 30 million ha.
     The Head of State inspection for control over use and protection of land Mr Nechiporenko also reported at the session. According to him, in 2009 the Inspection undertook more than 110.9 thousand checks and revealed more than 70.2 thousand violations of land legislation. 40 thousand citizens and officials were fined, the aggregate sum of fines amounted to over UAH 7.4 million, out of which UAH 4,7 million was paid as of today.
     No surprise that the working of the Committee in 2008 was assessed as unsatisfactory. The same poor mark was given to the work of territorial departments of Derzhkomzem in Crimea, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Kirovograd, Kherson, Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsy and Chernigiv Oblasts.


Source: State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources, 2009
Translation: MyLand, 2009

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