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On Access to Land of Crimean Tatars Repatriated to Ukraine


     The State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources published official data on allocation of land to Crimean Tatars. [MyLand: Crimean Tatars were forcefully deported from Crimea by Stalin’s order based on allegations that they collaborated with fascist occupants during World War II. When Ukraine gained its independence Crimean Tatars were invited to come back, as they eventually did]. Here is the information on allocation of land to them as of February 5, 2009.
     Land of agricultural use
     In total, there are 720.9 thousand persons living in rural areas of Crimea, out of which 574.5 thousand persons are adults, including 109 thousand Crimean Tatars (19%). 72.2 thousand adult Crimean Tatars (66.1% of full-age Crimean Tatars in rural areas) have already been allocated or are being allocated land plots of agricultural use of the total area of 186.2 thousand ha.
     Out of the said 72.2 thousand Crimean Tatars:
- 22.9 thousand have been given land shares (pais) of the total area of 126.1 thousand ha;
- 302 persons established their own farms at land plots of the total area of 4.9 thousand ha;
- 1.7 thousand Tatars became members of newly established agricultural enterprises, which presently cultivate 8.5 thousand ha;
- 25.5 thousand persons were allocated plots for personal peasant farming (truck farming) with the total area of 23.8 thousand ha (currently another 21.8 thousand repatriates are in the process of allocation of land plots for personal peasant farming with the total area of 22.9 thousand ha). 
     Non-agricultural land
     The issue of allocation of land for housing in Crimea has always been an acute issue, and it is still a problem. Today in Crimea there are 400.9 thousand land parcels allocated for individual housing (total area 48.33 thousand ha); out of this number 83.01 thousand parcels (9.89 thousand ha) are held by Crimean Tatars (20.7% of the total area under individual houses).
     Crimean Tatars have also been allocated 1065 land parcels with the total area of 65.94 ha for commercial purposes (for carrying out different businesses, except for agricultural production).


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