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Land Reform in Ukraine in 2001-2002

      Land Reform in Ukraine in 2001-2002 (in Englsih). - Center for Lnd Reform Policy in Ukraine, 2003. - 160 p.

     The publication of the Annual Report for the Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine has been prepared in order to present a thorough analysis of the developments in land relations during 2001-2002. The Report is also intended to provide information about the Center and its' activites as they relate to this developmental process, descriptions and analyses of projects conducted by the Center during this period, general background information intended to acquaint readers with the achievements, innovations and future plans of the Center.
The Center's success would not be possible without the support of numerous organizations. In practically all areas of the Center's work, professionals have actively exchanged information, advice, and experiences with their colleagues.
     This collaboration has involved representatives from state and local governments, private and public organizations, both in Ukraine and abroad. The Center sincerely thanks the specialists of the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources, Kharkiv Regional Department on Land Resources, International Renaissance Foundation, Eurasia Foundation, the Mission of the World Bank in Ukraine, Business Lawyer Legal Company, the German Fund for International Legal Co-operation, the Ukrainian Land and Resource Management Center, ECOMM and all the representatives of our member and partner organizations.
     We are pleased to say that the support of these organizations has been a constant in all stages of the Center's activities. Our joint collaboration has always maintained a well organized and systematic character and has provided us with many different perspectives for our work. We are sure that one result from this strong collaboration will be that our work will, as previously, be accepted and understood by wide segments of society, will instill a feeling of real participation and enrich it with invaluable experience during this time of important transformation in our country.
We wish to express our deep appreciation to Richard Shepard, Regional Director of the Eurasia Foundation and Kelly Oberg, a volunteer of the U.S. Peace Corps/Ukraine for providing valuable comments for preparing the English version of this publication. During the preparation of the publication, materials from the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources, as well as other official materials were used.

     The publication has been possible thanks to the support of the Eurasia Foundation with means, provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Renaissance Foundation. The point of view expressed herein does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the International Renaissance Foundation, the Eurasia Foundation or the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).
     This publication is available in .pdf on CD-ROM "Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine: Complete Set of Works 2000-2008".

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