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On-line access to cadastral data is a tool against corruption


MyLand - May 15th, 2013:


On May 14-16, 2013 in Kyiv an international workshop is held. The workshop has been organized by FAO and State Land Agency of Ukraine. Here we are producing English translation of the official release published by the Governement. When reading it, please keep in mind that public access to cadastral data in Ukraine is limited to boundaries, location and area of land plots and does not allow any access to the information about owners or tenants of land. Thus neither owner himself, nor other interested persons have opportunity to make inquiries into this highly importnat matter. This means that a citizen cannot at any moment check whether the land he considers to be his property is still belonging to him as well as he canot check whether any public person, like public servants, deputies, judges, police officers and so on, allow themselves any abuse of power in terms of acquisition of public land. No transparency and fight against corruption shall be expected before this situation is changed.

Please avail yourselves of the official realese:


"According to FAO experts, on-line access to cadastral data is a step against corruption and non-transparent land management in Ukraine.
These and other global problems international experts discussed at a seminar in Kyiv held under the auspices of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in cooperation with State Land Agency of Ukraine.
Experts gathered in Kyiv to discuss acute challenges of the modernity: climate change, rapid urbanization, fast exhaustion of natural resources and increasing number of natural disasters.
About 50 participants from Europe and Central Asia - governmental officials, NGOs, academia and from the private sector - met to discuss and analyze issues of land, fisheries and forest resources in the context of national food security.
The meeting of experts in this field at a high international level takes place in Ukraine for the first time. Many of these problems are somehow related to "land issue". Among them unequal access to land, security of tenure and lack and weakness of the regulatory framework for land management, which in turn leads to many disputes and conflicts. They usually are the result of poor management.
Ukraine does not stand aloof from global processes. It is worth noting that our country in recent years has made a real breakthrough in the field of land relations. This happened primarily due to the launch of the national cadastral system earlier this year. Successful implementation of this large-scale project creates a starting point for bringing land management to a new level of quality.
International experts say that steps taken by Ukraine in improving land management are in line with the "guidelines" that FAO implemented on a global scale.
According to the rating of the ease of doing business "Doing Business 2013", which is based on data from 2011-2012, Ukraine is on the 149th place of 185 countries on the ease of registering property. The rating is calculated based on the complexity of the procedures, time and cost. Thus, it is necessary to go through as many as 10 procedures to register property, average time spent on registration of property was 69 days and the registration fee - 3.7 percent of the property value, according to the newspaper "Segodnya" (№ 100 of 14.05.2013) .
With the introduction of the new Law on Cadastre and the launch of a national cadastral system in 2013, the situation changed. Citizens now can save time and money, queues in local registration offices are remarkably shorter and waiting time has been reduced. To register a land plot in the system of land cadastre one has to submit an application and later on collect his papers. The cost of registration reduced by about two thirds.
An extract from the cadastre is now issued in two-step procedure instead for four-step procedure and the cost is twice as lower. The time required for the registration of land is also considerably reduced. If an applicant submits a full set of documents, it takes only 21 minutes. In addition, there is a special web-based system which allows citizen to control the status of their applications.
Cadastral data is sent automatically to the State Registration Service via electronic communication channels. Evaluating the cadastral system, FAO experts say that the National cadastral system of Ukraine meets best practice examples.
Easy access to information about the property to the public, notaries, lawyers and law enforcement agencies shall help detecting fraud and protecting the public from fraudulent real estate transactions.
Improvement of land management is a permanent ongoing process, and the need to improve the management will always be there. This process is assisted by continuous development of new technologies which Ukraine is going to employ, and not only in the sphere of land relations.
For example, State land Agency of Ukraine is considering plans for transforming the National cadastral system into a system in geospatial data. In the future it will unite the entire array of information about the country's resources - mineral and water spaces, forests, communications and objects of architecture. This, in turn, will help manage public resources effectively, attract significant investment and earn money for the state budget, as it is done in many developed countries.
The new cadastre also provides an easy way for people to report data errors, so they can be quickly corrected. Indeed, until recently one of the biggest challenges was the poor quality of available data related to that previously used different reference systems, different technical platforms and data structures. However, this problem is common to all the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
To ensure that the quality of data on land resources encountered fewer issues, experts of State land Agency of Ukraine implemented an effective way to detect and correct errors, involving the public in the process. Ukrainian electronic cadastre has a feedback tool by which citizens can report errors in the data and submit digital applications for their correction.
This innovation was appreciated by FAO. It is no coincidence that international experts called Ukraine’s national cadastral system “unique in the region”.
There are some figures on the performance of a new system. During the first month of 2013 the system recorded 600 thousand checks and collected almost 11 thousand electronic requests for fixing errors. About half of errors were associated with the absence of land plots on the public cadastral map, third – with the absence of cadastral numbers.
Nearly 8000 technical errors reported by the citizens have been corrected in less than two weeks. These requests through special software enabled automated fixing of errors related to other objects on the cadastral map. This fact let leading experts call the system “an extremely powerful mechanism for quick error detection and correction, which will serve as a good example for other countries”.


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