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MyLand - July 03, 2012:


Today, on July 3, 2012, President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich addressed the Parliament of Ukraine with his annual overview report on internal and international situation of Ukraine. Among other things, President stressed that reforms in agrarian sector shall be sped up. Already this year and prior to lifting of moratorium on alienation of agricultural land there shall be created and put into full-fledged functioning mechanizms for protection of interests of agricultural producres and of national food security in general.

In pursuance to President's statement, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine issued its release in which it pointed out that this year the Ministry was following the policy aiming at complex reforming of agrarian sector. In particular, the Ministry sressed that for the first time for 21 years of Ukraine's independence the issue of land market was dealt with on the highest political level. Besides, the state was furthering its policy of support of all sectors of agriculture and placed an emphasis nto support to households being major producers of food in the country. In its advance towards reforms in agriculture, Ministry was working on legislative basis of land market, and a respective daft law on land market was approved by the Parliament in the first reading. Mykola Pryasyazhnyuk, the Minister, thinks this as a landmark event and as a sign of priority status of land market for the state. Minister believes that Ukraine is now prepared and ready for lifting the moratorium. Ministers thinks that automated land cadastre will become a foundation for the system for land rights protection and guarantying. Arable land will be traded  only among citizens of Ukraine, and legal entities and foreigners will have no  access to trade in farmland. That will allow for protection of Ukrainian agricultural producres, in opinion of the Minister.  Mr Prysyazhnyuk also stressed that currently the state puts a lot of efforts into support of small producers and farmers being considerable producers of food. That will facilitate development of a stable economic and social basis of Ukrainian countryside. Minister also puts a lot of hope into cooperation of households and farmers which shall bring their output into market framework and make their activities profitable.

Regardless of public attitude towards land market and expert opinion about market  model promoted by the state,  it is clear that agricultural land market is closing in. Soon after October election we will probably see the final draft of the law on land market.


Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine - 2012


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