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President of Ukraine on land market


MyLand - 29/02/2012:


On February 27, 2012 President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich answerred question of Ukrainian journalists. We dare to translate answers related to land issues:


Question (E. Kiselyov): In December 2011 the law on sales of agricultural land was approved by the Parliament in the first reading. Mr Prysyazhnyuk, the Minister of Agrararin Polic and Food of Ukraine proudly reported about impressive scale of the work done and stated that land reform had finally been freed from the deadlock. And then, out of the blue, we were faced with the idea that there should have been no harry with the second reading. Was it or was it not a populist decision in view of the fact that the most part of the citizens dislikes the idea of farmland being traded. But we feel that the authorities...

- She (ML: reform?) has its stages, she consists of many components. Have you noticed that we started the reform of land management in Ukraine and establishment of land market about 15 years ago. Yes, there have been many tryouts, errors, but nevertheless something like this has been done already, has been accomplished, but we must not stop halfway. Let us look at the whole world, let us look at Europe, into which we are striving and integrating, and there is land market everywhere, land valuation, procedure for sale of land, protective measures. To cut it short, there is order in this issue, the order adopted by that or this state. We, sure, learned this experience, global, and that what is currently being done, and the next step is land cadastre. What is land cadastre? This is division of land among owners. These owners are holders of land shares and local authorities, municipal property, so to speak. Law on land cadastre has just been passed, and we have to do a huge job in order to make it capable to perform that role of land recording which is provided by the law. The next stage is preparation of the system of auctions et cetera, that is, before land market starts working in Ukraine, we have to pass, so, probably, at least 5 or 6 or 7 different laws, and only then it will start operating. However, taking into account - you put it absolutely right - considerable popular distrust towards this issue, we, certainly, have to run colossal explanatory work.

Question (E. Kiselyov): The second reading was suspended due to this necessity to complete explanatory work?
- No, the second reading was suspended not because it was simply, as they say, mechanically suspended. No, there is work on elaboration of this law going on, there are thousands remarks to this law. They have not been published yet. How will people take them? Currently there is work with farmers is going on. We have landlords, so to speak, owners of fields, and those who rent land from them. These relations between these people - the state has to put order into them, and today there is no understanding of this issue, no deep understanding so far. And sure, we must not disregard opinion and points of view of people. Benefits are clear for land owners in one instance, for farmers – in other instance. There is conflict of interests. And of course there are large owners, or more precisely those who rent large areas of agricultural land, and not always use them effectively. We have to provide in this law for effective use of agricultural land. That is, this issue is so multidimensional and so sensitive for people that to neglect it would be certainly wrong. A just question on your part would be, should you say so, why do you neglect opinion of people? That would be just. I do not want to neglect, I am strictly against neglecting of people"s opinion at taking such strategic decisions.

Translation by MyLand, all rights reserved, 2012

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