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Cadastre: Vision for the Future - The Impact of New Dimensions


FIG Article of February 2012 - Cadastre: Vision for the Future - The Impact of New Dimensions by Dr. Xavier COMTESSE, Avenir Suisse, and Dr. Giorgio PAULETTO, OT/CTI, Switzerland

The environment in which the professions of cadastre evolve has undergone profound changes. Technological innovation in the digital field has been considerable. Furthermore, social change has also been radically altered with, for instance, the emergence of social networks as a means of transforming our relations. Aside from the present crises, there have also been great changes in our economic evolution by the introduction of, on one hand, more flexibility and mobility and, on the other hand, the advent of globalization of production, work and consumption.

In addition to these exterior changes, internal changes have also taken place. These changes are specific to public administrations. Several trends can be mentioned: the evolution of the public discourse on transparency and accountability, the opening of public data, the emergence of the idea of a common good for our human societies. Other influences also have an impact, for instance, legislative change such as laws on administrative registers to foster interoperability or innovative professional software linked to the use of 3D.

These simultaneous changes apply considerable pressure on the profession. In this paper, we are going to identify the major trends that will most likely have an impact, apprehend the consequences expected and provide a structure for this development. We will try to give a general, coherent and prospective view of the evolution of cadastre.



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