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Objectives of land reform in Ukraine


MyLand - 22/02/2012:


President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich stressed the importance and significance of effective complition of land reform in Ukraine. He made this announcement at the meeting of the Council of Regions (advisory body) in Kyiv on February 21, 2012.

Official web-site of the President reports that Mr Yanukovich reminded that there had been created all necessary framework pre-conditions for the reform of land tenure. In particular, recently adopted Law of Ukraine on State Land Cadastre made it possible to realize land ownership and utilize land rationally.

Head of the state said that "land shall finally become real property". He called upon governors of Vinnytsya, Kyiv and Kharkiv Oblasts to focus their attention on pilot projects testing digital state land cadastre.

Another task to complete, according to the President, was finalization of land titling in rural areas. This work started in 1994 and still has not been fully complete.

Mr Yanukovich expressed his dissatisfaction with slow pace of land reform at all level, first of all at regional level. He stressed the importance of development of schemes of land management for rational use and effective protection of soil. As of now, said Mr Yanukovich, such schemes had been produced only in Donetsk and Odessa Oblasts.

President also drew attention of attendees that due to weak protection of land the area of destroyed and degraded soils was growing annually.

Mr Yanukovich also considered the issue of payments of rent to rural land-owners and found the sutiation unsatisfactory.

He also stressed that objectives of land reform were far from delianation of state and municipal land on map and multiplication of rates of land taxes.

The goal of land reform, said Mr Yanukovich, was to secure real ownership to land and to develop modern agrarian production on that basis. Summing up, President said that that was only one of stages of complex reform of Ukrainian agro-industrial complex and country-side.


Translated by MyLand, 2012

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