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According to Mr Kubakh, Director of Project Implementation Unit of World Bank-funded Rural Land Titling and Cadastre Development Project, Ukraine is willing to prolong the term of implementation of the said Project till the end of 2012. The Project as it stands shall be completed by July 2012. Mr Kubakh made this announcement yesterday, on December 18, 2012.
Mr Kubakh said that the Law of Ukraine On State Land Cadastre should be supplemented with several by-laws which, actually, should define in details who and how managed the cadastre. Without them the Law on cadastre – one of the two key laws triggering agricultural land market in Ukraine (the second being the law on land market) – is dysfunctional.
Mr Kubakh said that new actual maps for the whole territory of Ukraine had already been produced within the framework of the Project. Currently there are works being done on mapping of settlements. Nevertheless, the final product of this huge undertaking – index cadastral maps – may not be released because administrative units of Ukraine – Oblasts and Rayons – are lacking sufficiently defined boundaries. These boundaries are having big legal significance as soon as they delineate administrative competences and serve as reference points for boundaries of over 13 million private parcels.
Mr Kubaks said that he was long ago aware of this problem. It emerged due to the lack of necessary legal base for administrative and territorial organization of Ukraine. Currently boundaries of Oblasts (there are 24 of them plus Crimean Autonomous Republic) are marked on large-scale maps dated back to 70-ies and 80-ies. This is not precisely enough for the cadastre. Thus, Mr Kubakh pointed, the issue of Oblasts and Rayons boundaries was very likely to generate conflicts.
The second large task of the Project is creation of automated cadastral system. The software has already been developed and tested, but it is necessary now to set up about 700 local offices, to train about 2000 employees, introduce data-protection system and to define - legally and practically - how land cadastre is to communicate with land registry which is to be administered by the Ministry of Justice.
According to Mr Kubakh, the said works and tasks may be accomplished within 6 additional months. In our opinion, it is very unlikely that Ukraine will manage to complete at least half of this work in 2012, in view of forthcoming Parliamentary elections and EURO-2012 Cup which is going to devoir huge amount of money out of the state budget.
Mr Kubakh informed that Ukraine has already addressed the World Bank with respective suggestion.


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