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Ukraine has a chance to develop the best cadastre in the world


State Agency of Ukraine on Land Resources - 29/09/2011:


Mr Tymchenko, Head of Ukraine's State Agency of Land Resources, has taken part in the working of the Second International Conference for CIS and Baltic countries "System for State Registration of Rights and Cadastral Recording: Creation, Development and Improvement" which is being held in Moscow, Russia. Mr Tymchenko said that cadastral recording of data about quality of soil, monitoring of land, along with recording of data about quantity of land and appraisal, hold an important place among national priorities of Ukraine.
Among other things, Mr Tymchenko stressed that out of 604 thousand square km of the area 420 thousand square km is qualified as agricultural land. Famous Ukrainian black soil, despite poor technological level of agriculture, ensures own production of foodstuffs for local population and allows for holding leading position at the global food market.
Mr Tymchenko also said that it came so that Ukraine started development of its cadastral system quite recently and it lagged behind many European countries in this respect. It is not good, on the one hand; but on the other hand, it allows us to learn on someone else mistakes and errors, to absorb the best experiences and practices. Thus Ukraine has a chance to develop one of the most perfect electronic cadastres in the world.
Mr Tymchenko said that State Agency of Ukraine on Land Resources is open to broad international cooperation and prepared to partake in shaping of global approaches to development and improvement of automated cadastral and registration systems.

Ukraine started development of its cadastral system in 1993, but economic crisis of 90-ties suspended this process. Maps created during the Soviet period have practically not been reviewed and updated. As of beginning of 1998, only 3% of all cadastral functions were automated. Paper-based technologies dominated the cadastre. Introduction of new automated technologies and processes started with approval of the state program for automatization of state land cadastre for the period of 1998-2005.
Due to lack of funding unified software cadastral complex has not been created; legal basis for the cadastre and cadastral services stayed underdeveloped for years. In 2004 the Parliament of Ukraine ratified Loan Agreement with the World Bank which supported completion sharing of farm land, land titling and development of cadastral system.
In 2011 the Parliament of Ukraine managed to pass the Law of Ukraine on state land cadastre. It took 12 years to settle main issues related to legislative regulation of the state land cadastre. MP finally decided that the cadastre shall be carried out by local departments of land resources. Relations between land cadastre and land registry were also defined by the law on state registration of real property rights approved earlier. According to the latter, State Registration Service, a subordinate of the Ministry of Justice, shall perform registration of property rights within the framework of a separate registration system. Ukraine traditionally had unified cadastral and registration system; transfer to dual model shall be tested by time and practical functioning.


Translated by Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine - 2011

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