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Aerial photographing of the territory of Ukraine has been accomplished


MyLand - 28/09/2011:


Ukraine, for the first time during its independence, has completed aerial photographing of its the territory. World Bank project "Rural Land Titling and Development of Cadastral System" reported this information on September 27, 2011. The country received the cartographic basis for the state land cadastre and managed to meet one of the key EU integration requirements, according to Mr Kubakh, Director of the Project.
In total aerial photographing covered about 600 thousand square kilometers. The volume of the electronic version of the material exceeds 70 terabytes. Operating systems, data protection and storage technology and hardware for processing of such volumes of information are developed and procured within the framework of the Project.
Experts say that Ukraine created its most accurate maps in the last 30 years. It is clear that all maps dated back to early 80s of the last century are already outdated.

Having accomplished aerial photography of the country, Ukraine has fulfilled one of the EU requirements without which claims to integrate into the European Union could not be even considered, namely development of a cartographic basis for the land cadastre.

To be exact, mapping captured 99.6% of the country; remaining 0.4% of materials need to be further worked with because of defects caused by shadows of clouds and leaves, as well as by so-called "turning of border" (it appears while filming areas adjacent to the state border).

Filming done on a scale of 1:25000. Currently development of orthophoto plans of settlements (scale of 1:2000), orthophotomaps (scale 1:10000) and cadastral index maps are being completed. All these works are to finished by June 2012. However, says Mr Kubakh, "cartographic information derived from aerial photographs is sufficient for running cadastre".



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