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Ukrainian Agribusiness Club presents new multi-client study Largest Agricultural Companies in Ukraine: On the Verge of Restructuring

Date of issue - August 15, 2011 – in Russian

August 30, 2011 – in English


1. Agriholdings in the context of reforms – what to expect?

1.1. Tax Code

1.2. New in land reform. Potential impact on agribusiness.

2. Administrative reform: structure and influence of state authorities

3. State regulation – constraint or incentive?

3.1. Crop rotation as a real factor of influence

3.2. Commodity markets – what to expect in a new marketing year and mid-term perspective

4. Investments

4.1. IPO – lessons and results of 2010-2011

4.2. Other methods of finance accumulation

5. Holdings

5.1. Development and rating of main land holdings

5.2. Specialization and magnitude of vertical integration. Spatial priorities of holdings

5.3. Competitiveness of holdings, comparison with agricultural enterprises, international comparison

5.4. Main producers of crop products

6. Business

6.1. Free niches – how long will they be free?

6.2. Structure of crop acreage: mid-term tendencies

6.3. Hedging of price risks on commodity markets




1. Key macroeconomic figures

2. Foreign commodity trade: volumes and prices

3. Land resources and land users

4. Draft Law on land market: key parameters

5. Land Cadastre Law: key aspects

6. Main producers and exporters of crop products

7. Contacts of main agriholdings

8. Crop acreage and production of main crops in 2005-2010



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