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      The Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine (CLRP, also known as MyLand) is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization established on May 14, 2001 in Kyiv, Ukraine with a mission to provide policy advice, legal and information support on land related issues to the Government of Ukraine and local governments, CLRP partners and members and other stakeholders. Nowadays CLRP is well-recognized institution who plays an important role in providing independent policy advice and expertise in respect of transparent, effective, socially and ecologically responsible land management in Ukraine. This purpose is achieved with the assistance of the following tools:

      1) Web site “My Land” ( – up-to-date reliable information about land relations in two languages: Ukrainian and English;

      2) Major Publications (manuals, papers, books etc):

- Compulsory Purchase of Land and Compensation (Ukrainian translation of UN FAO LTS # 10, 2009);

- Coordinates of Land Market of Ukraine (GEOprofile, # 2, 2009);
- Legal and Institutional Aspects of Agricultural Land Market in Ukraine in: Agriculture, Bioenergy and Food Policy in Ukraine - Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations (Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, 2009);
- State Land Management of Agricultural Land in Ukraine (2008, 104 p., in Ukrainian and in English, available in .pdf and paper-back);
- Spatial Planning at Local Level: Community, Authority and Business (2008, 376 p., 2008, in Ukrainian, available in .pdf and paper-back);
- Acquisition by Prescription in Land Law of Ukraine (2007, 64 p., in Ukrainian, paper-back);
- Land Law of Ukraine: Manual for Practitioners in 2 vol. Vol. 1: Land Relations in Settlements (2006, 376 p., in Ukrainian, paper-back, out of print);
- Ukraine: Effective Land Resources Management at the Local Level(2005, 336 p., in Ukrainian and English, available in .pdf and paper-back);
- Current Issues of Urban Land Resources Management in Ukraine (2004, 60 p., in Ukrainian, available in .pdf, paper-back is out of print);
- Land Reform in Ukraine 2001-2002 (2003, 160 p., in Ukrainian and English, available paper-back), etc.

      3) Participation in law-drafting: expert of the Center took part in drafting of the law “On Land Market in Ukraine” as a member of a working party at Effective Management Fund (2008-2009); laws “On Land Market in Ukraine” and “On State Land Cadastre” as a member of an expert group at the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine (2007); experts of the Center performed analysis of compliance with EU and WTO rules of about 80 draft laws for the Committee on European Integration of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (in 2002-2004).

     4) Participation in advisory bodies: Consultative and Methodical Council at the Association of Cities of Ukraine;

     5) Projects: Initiative “Creation of Awareness about Experiences and Best Practices in the Field of Land Administration” (2009, ongoing); “Analysis of Application of Rules for Development in Cities of Ukraine and of Compliance of Town-planning Activities of Cities with Laws of Ukraine" (2007-2009); "Policy Advice for Effective Land Management" (2003-2005); “Consulting support of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on European Integration” (2002-2004); "Issuance of Manual "Regulation of Land Issues in Urban Area" for City Council Deputies" (2004); "National Contest Publications in Mass Media on Land Reform Issues "My Land" (2003); “Provision of Informational and Consulting Support to Citizens in Interpretation of the New Land Code Provisions” (2003); “Reinforcing Public Capacity to Realize Rights to Land, Balanced Land Use and Environmental Safety Within the Context of the New Land Code of Ukraine'' (2002).

     6) Reports at (for) Conferences and Roundtables:
- "Unused Potential Due to Missing Land Management in Rural Areas of Ukraine" at special session "Management of State-Owned Agricultural Land in Light of Global Environmental Challenges" at IAMO FORUM 2010 "Institutions in Transition - Challenges for New Modes of Governments", Halle (Salle), Germany, 16/06/2010;

- “Legislation of Ukraine on Spatial Planning and its Practical Implementation” at the Seminar on Regional Planning and Use of Territories in Germany and Ukraine (organized by Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Germany, BVVG GmbH, GFA GmbH, German-Ukrainian Agricultural Policy Dialogue), Kyiv, Ukraine, 17/09/2008;
- “Case study Ukraine – Management of State-owned Land” for FIG/FAO/CNG International Seminar on State and Public Sector Land Management in Verona, Italy, September 9-10, 2008;
- “Development of System for Spatial Planning as a Component of Land Reform” at a scientific and practical seminar “Problems and Perspectives of Use and Protection of Land in Ukraine” at AGRO-2008 Exhibition (organized by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine), Kiev, Ukraine, 12/06/2008;
- “Land Reform in Ukraine: Gains and Drawbacks“ at WPLA session in Bergen, Norway, 11/04/2008;
- “Unused Potential Due to Missing Land Management” at a workshop “Landmanagement Optimierte Nutzung natürlicher Ressourcen” (organized and sponsored by GFA GmbH and BVVG GmbH) at International Green Week in Berlin, Germany, 18/01/2008;
- “Interrelation of Cadastre and Land Registry” at roundtable “Development of Land Relations in Ukraine: Perspectives for Agricultural Land Market in Ukraine” (organized by Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation), Kyiv, Ukraine, 08/11/2007;
- “Cadastral Systems: Experience and Trends. Perspectives of Ukraine” at roundtable “Challenges for Establishment and Functioning of Land Market in Ukraine” (organized by Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee (UNDP)), Kyiv, Ukraine, 10/10/2007 (also held on 17/10/2007 in Dnipropetrovsk, on 30/10/2007 in Odesa, on 14/11/2007 in Kharkiv, on 07/12/2007 in Zastavna of Chernivtsi Oblast, on 07/10/2008 in Donetsk, on 21/10/208 in Lutsk, on 27/11/2008 in Poltava and on 26/02/2010 in Zaporizhzhya);
- “Ukraine Experience in the Sphere of Legal Regulation of Cadastral and Registration System” at WPLA UN ECE seminar “Effective Sustainable Land Resources Management – Standing Challenge for Every Society”, Munich, Germany, 25/05/2007;
- “Ukraine Experience in the Sphere of Land Reform” at the International conference “Land Reform Realization in Countries of Transitional Economy” (organized by Open Society Institute), Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 28/10/2005;
- “Development of Legislation of Ukraine on Real Estate” at the 3d Forum of the UN Program “Land for Development” (organized by UNECE and TecnoBorsa), Rome, Italy, 14/12/2004, etc.

      OBS: most our publications are availble at a CD.

      7) Participation in projects / publications of other organizations:
- desk study "Rural Land Ownership in Ukraine", for the World Bank, March-April 2010;

- study “Ukraine: Agricultural Holdings and Land Market Outlook” (“Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation”/ “UkrAgroConsult”, Kyiv, 2007, available in Russian and English);
- study “State Land Management of Agricultural Land in Ukraine” (BVVG GmbH on request of GTZ GmbH on behalf of BMZ, Germany, 2006, available in Ukrainian and English, .pdf and paper-back);
- manual “Land is the Main Resource of Sustainable Social and Economic Development of Local Communities” (Association of Ukrainian Cities and Communities, Kyiv, 2006, available in Ukrainian from the Association only, paper-back) etc.

       Center is independent and free of political, administrative or corporate influences. It is financed through the following sources:
 1) Project finance (International Renaissance Foundation, Freedom House, Eurasia Foundation etc.);
 2) Publication of books, articles;
 3) Consulting services;
 4) Donations and membership fees.


      Contacts: Maks Fedorchenko, LL.M, director (send mail)

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