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Government is acting towards countryside and peasants as a parasite


MyLand - 02/06/2011:


Today, on June 2, 2011, Vice-Speaker of Ukrainian Parliament, Mr Mykola Tomenko said at the press-conference that the Governement were acting towards countryside and peasants as a parasite or a bloodsucker. He stressed that analysis of activities of the government in the field of land reform was pointing at purposeful elimination of Ukrainian agricultural producers. This information was distributed by the press-service of Vice-Speaker.
Mr Tomenko said that very worrying signals were coming from regions of Ukraine. These signals prove that moratorium on sale of farmland will be lifted in any case and at any cost. Firstly, he said, there were numerous instances when land lease contracts held by small holders (households, farmers) were not renewed for a new term. In opinion of Mr Tomenko, that was a sign of monopolization of the market on level of regions. Secondly, Speaker said, there were drafted lists of impoverished landowners who would be ready to sell land immediately, as soon as moratorium is lifted.
There was also another dangerous trend, he said. "The Ministry of Agrarian Policy, today, as we all know, is being controlled by the lobbyists of big businesses; it has monopolized export of cereals and other foodstuffs and is trying to prevent development of small and medium farmers". This allegation may be proved by the veto applied by the President of Ukraine to the law on organic farming providing for environmental safety and agriculture without chemicals and mineral fertilizers. In opinion of Mr Tomenko, there was no viable reason why Ukraine has to stay the only European country without legal basis for production of organic food.
Vice-Speaker said that severe monopolization of agriculture by large financial and industrial groups allow for a conclusion that the Government acts towards Ukrainian countryside as a parasite or a bloodsucker.
Mr Tomenko said that such policy was anti-people and anti-state. He quoted results of all-Ukrainian social survey held by Ukrainian Democratic Circle for the Institute of Policy. Majority of respondents (69.8%) supported the idea of national plebiscite about lifting of moratorium, and 77.8% of respondents would vote against lifting. Only 12.6% of respondents unequivocally supported the idea of farmland sale. This attitude was common for all regions of Ukraine, Vice-Speaker said.
Mr Tomenko stressed that continuation of such policy may well lead to the point where Ukraine loses its countryside along with agriculture as a strategic sector of the economy.


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