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Land market shall save Ukrainian villages


MyLand - 31/05/2011:


Mr Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, in his interview to 1+1 TV channel said that completion of land reform would allow for saving Ukrainian countryside as well as for preventing Ukrainian peasant getting landless (MyLand: mind you that recently these words – "completion of land reform" – in language of Ukrainian politicians mean "lifting of moratorium on sale of farm land").
Minister referred to some changes and said that introduction of those changes would let owners of land to dispose of their land freely and to raise money.
Minister also said that in pursuance of the Program of economic reforms announced by the President of Ukraine, the country had to complete land reform. In order to do so, it is necessary to pass two laws – on land market and land cadastre (MyLand: we would remind that adoption of the two is a precondition for lifting of moratorium).
Minister stressed that land market was a tool for securing constitutional right of every citizen to sell, to lease out or to pass on to heirs his land.
Mr Prysyazhnyuk pointed that no one did not compel anyone to sell land, because the main task of completion of land reform, according to the President of Ukraine, is to prevent peasants going landless. Today about 32% of Ukrainians reside in rural areas. The duty of the state is to keep and preserve the countryside, to slow down disappearance of villages, because Ukrainian village is an important component of the model of the whole society. But revival of rural areas was impossible without land reform, Minister said.
Minister also mentioned that land was being sold and bought even today, when the moratorium is in force, and shadow market is operating due to drawbacks of Ukrainian legislation. But transactions on shadow market are leaving peasants without land and without money, as soon as prices are way too low and only black dealers make good profits. This situation escalates destruction of Ukrainian countryside and impoverishment of Ukrainian peasants. Ukraine is loosing 10-15 villages every year. Rural demography is in deep crisis, underlined Minister.
Minister concluded that land reform shall allow every owner to decide whether lease his plot out or to farm it himself. The government was developing a program aiming at provision of logistic infrastructure to small-scale farmers and households in order to support realization of their output. All that shall put economic foundation for preservation of Ukrainian countryside.

Translation of press-release of the Ministray of Agrarian Policy and Food by MyLand - 2011



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