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President promises to save forest near Kotsoubynske village


Press office of President Viktor Yanukovych - May, 24, 2011

President promises to save forest near Kotsoubynske village.

During today's interview to the French media President Viktor Yanukovych was addressed by Kotsiubynske Village Council Deputy, Chief of the Information and Analysis Department of the "Vikna-Novyny" news program at the STB TV Channel and "Ukrayinska Pravda" Internet publication journalist Irina Fedoriv with the request to assist in preserving 4 thousand hectares of forest near Kyiv under the threat of being cut down and used as a building estate.

Irina Fedoriv has informed that in 2008 the Kotsyubynske Village Council had approved a decision to expand the territory of the village to a nearing forest. Thus, the threat has appeared that the forest would be divided into land plots and cut down. "This forest belongs to Kyiv. 4 thousand hectares of forest. 700 hectares have already been distributed, in fact illegally. The problem is that the Prosecutor"s Office take some steps, but they are not very effective," she said.

"I appeal to you as a guarantor of the Constitution to respond to this issue and take all measures to preserve the national resource," Iryna Fedoriv said, handing over the relevant documents to the President.

President Yanukovych, for his part, promised to investigate the issues with the help of law enforcement authorities, and take all necessary measures. "I will investigate this problem and give the appropriate orders to specialists, including the Prosecutor General's Office. We will prevent the cutting down of this patch of forest," Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

The President also said that if the facts of illegal cutting down of the forest are registered, the perpetrators would be punished. When Irina Fedoriv informed that the forest is safe yet, the President replied: "Have they not yet started [cutting it down]? Then, they never will. We will stop the process".



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