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Lease rent shall be economically sound and include a component of social responsibility of tenants


MyLand - 28/04/2011:


In his opening speech on April 27, 2011, Mr Mykola Azarov, Prime-Minister of Ukraine, among other things said the following (our translation):


"...Today I would like to touch upon another acute problem. Food prices are growing. But peasants are getting poorer and poorer, in any case, they do not feel any improvement of living standards. Why?
The average rent for agricultural land is still UAH 260 per ha. The average land share is only 4 ha. That is, peasants are still earning about UAH 1000 a year for a leased out land share. At that social infrastructure of rural areas is deteriorating, as soon as present lease and production relations do not provide for development of social infrastructure of rural communities. That means that land has ceased to feed peasants - literally as well as in figurative sense.
It is necessary to acknowledge that this situation is inacceptable. How many years rural area are going to last, when they take from it with a scoop and invest with a spoon?
The situation shall be changed decisively. Land is a main source of subsistence and development of rural communities. Lease rent shall be economically sound and include a component of social responsibility of tenants.
Let us look at Glukhiv Rayon of Sumy Oblast. There rural communities, via local radas, conclude with tenatnts agreements on social and economic development. Based on the area in cultivation, tenants pay a contribution for social development; this money is spend for schools, clubs, water supply, garbage utilization etc, that is, exclusively for social needs of communities.
It is clear that financial resources generated in agriculture will be growing; it is only economically correct and socially just that these resources facilitate establishment fo European quality of life in rural areas..."


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