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Prospects of sustainable development of Ukraine are questioned



MyLand - 01/11/2010:


Accounting Chamber of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as AC) reports on November 1, 2010, that it has been seriously worried by the results of its investigation into matters of environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources.
First of all, AC stresses that Ukraine possess an exceptional position – it own at least 35% of biodiversity of Europe while makes up only 6% of European territory. Ukraine is a cross-road of migration waves of animal and plant worlds from different centres of origin. Preservation of those is a key-element of formation of the national ecological network.
The audit undertaken by AC proved that principles of environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources are not being implemented in Ukraine. That questions countries prospects in terms of sustainable development. Auditors have found numerous drawbacks and deficiencies in the system of funding of respective measures as well as overt disregard towards requirements of environmental laws. As a result, anthropogenic and industrial pressure upon environment is growing from year to year.
The Cabinet of Ministers failed to secure effective use of funds allocated for preservation of natural reserves and establishment of the national ecological network. Funds of the state budget are dispersed among numerous ministries which in their activities pursue first of all their narrow departmental interests to the detriment of the national interests.
Objectives of the National program for establishment of national ecological network for the period of 2000-2015 are not met. As a result, Ukrainian ecological network cannot function as a part and parcel of European ecological network.
While the Program provides for establishment of numerous national parks and natural reserves, these are not being actually established. In particular, there are now such national parks as “Syvasky” (should have been set up in 2000-2002), "Svydovetsky” (2001-2003), "Trostyanetsko-Vorsklyansky” (2002-2004), "Central Podilsy" (2004-2006), "Samarsky Bir” and “Pre-Carpathian” (2005-2007). Four biosphere reserves creation of which was planned by 2006 have also not been put into existence, namely Western Polissya (40 thousand ha), Eastern Carpathians (50 thousand ha), Crimean (40 thousand ha), Polisky (50 thousand ha).
Despite the fact that the President of Ukraine in 2009 and in the beginning of 2010 signed a set of Decrees on establishment of national parks and widening of the National ecological network, ministries, departments and local authorities were cooperating in such a way that not a single Decree has been implemented.
AC concluded that Ukraine has to stop uncontrolled activities which lead to significant reduction of natural and resource potential, impoverishment of biodiversity, destruction of primordial natural landscapes; otherwise no sustainable development is possible.

Source: Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, 2010
Translation: Centre for Land reform Policy in Ukraine, 2010



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