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Accounting Chamber of Ukraine - 01/09/2010:


The Chamber on August 18, 2010 considered the implementation of the State program of Ukraine for development of topographic and geodetic activities and national mapping for the period 2003-2013. It reported as follows.


State geodetic network of Ukraine at the beginning of XXI century in terms of accuracy and density was incapable of securing transfer to modern spatial reference systems which required up-to-date and precise link to ground reference points. It was a time to think about needs of the economy, defence and science. In order to solve this problem, the Cabinet of Ministers in 2003 approved State program for development of topographic and geodetic activities and national mapping for the period 2003-2013.


Accounting Chamber of Ukraine checked upon implementation of the Program and concluded that legal framework, financial and organizational conditions for carrying out the Program were unsatisfactory.


Expenses of the State Budget of Ukraine for topographic and geodetic works in 2003-2010 made up 40% of the cost envisaged by the Program. State funds were allocated only to some of state bodies entrusted with the implementation of the Program. For example, Ministry of Finance, when drafting annual state budget of Ukraine, planned budgetary allocations only for Ministries of Defence and Environment. Ministry of Emergencies, Ministry for Protection of Population from Outcomes of Chernobyl Disaster, Ministry of Education and Science, National Academy of Sciences and National Space Agency did not partake in the Program because their participation was not funded - contrary to the Program.


When the State Service of Geodesy, Mapping and Cadastre was subordinated to the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources (January 5, 2010), any funding of the Program stopped.


Because of the lack of control on the part of the Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of Environment Ukrainian legislation on geodesy, mapping and topography is outdated and not harmonized with the EU rules.


There is no coordination committee and geo-information centres; as a result, topographic and geodetic works have been done without due coordination. Annual lack of funds lead to the situation when existing maps do not comply with the actual spatial situation; thus needs of authorities in spatial data, geodetic and mapping goods are not met.


Introduction of modern geodetic reference system is being done in an unsatisfactory manner. Therefore the system may not be effectively used in many spheres. Planned mapping of the territories vulnerable to flooding has also not been completed.


All listed facts are limiting Ukraine's ability to integrate into European and world infrastructure of spatial data.


The Chamber concluded that main objectives of the Program have not been met. The Chamber urges the Government to develop and approve a new program for development of geodetic, mapping and topography activities.


Source: Accounting Chamber of Ukraine - 2010
Translation: Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine - 2010

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