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Multi-client study
Ukrainian Super-large Farms: Efficiency and Competitiveness

Study structure

1. Ukrainian agriculture.

1.1. Ukrainian agricultural policy in 2008-2010: short overview.
1.2. Major changes in legislation in 2008-2010.
1.3. Taxation system.
1.4. Current state support programs.
1.5. Key players in Ukrainian agricultural policy.

2. Market developments.

2.1. Agricultural markets and their regulation.
2.2. Main export markets and exporters.
2.3. Inputs markets and their regulation
2.4. Rating of brands of agricultural inputs and service.

3. Land relations.

3.1. Agricultural lands distribution and utilization.
3.2. Development of the land lease market: rental rates and terms of lease.
3.3. Changes in regulation of land relations and its influence on agribusiness. State requirements for crop rotation in Ukraine.
3.4. Possible market price for agricultural lands in 2012.

4. Structural changes.

4.1. Trends for households' development.
4.2. Farmers: potential competitiveness in different branches.
4.3. Medium-size and large agricultural enterprises.
4.4. Foreign investments in Ukrainian farms.
4.5. Comparative analysis of different agricultural producer types.

5. Agriholdings and their efficiency.

5.1. Establishing of agriholdings and their development.
5.2. Agriholdings specialization and verticalization.
5.3. Productivity and efficiency of farms which belong to agriholdings.
5.4. Ukrainian agriholdings’ capitalization.

6. Competitiveness and prospects.

6.1. Main raw commodities' profitability.
6.2. Main crop rotation schemes – advantages and challenges.
6.3. International competitiveness of Ukrainian farms.
6.4. FTA with EU – possible parameters for agri-food sector.

7. Addendums

List of legislative acts in agri-food sector in 2008-2010:
- state support and taxation;
- land relations;
- market regulation;
- other.

Inputs and service brands' ratings (detailed information):
- machinery;
- chemicals;
- seeds;
- dealers.

Land distribution by regions, type of lands and land users.
Normative value (price) for agricultural lands.
Terms of land lease agreements by regions.
Average land lease payments by region.
Market price for agricultural lands depending on earnings and discount rates.
Land utilization by crops.
Production of main agricultural goods by type of producers.
Agricultural enterprises grouping by size and production numbers.
Farms with foreign investments.

Large producers of main crops:
TOP-30 corn producers;
TOP -30 wheat producers;
TOP -30 sunflower producers;
TOP -30 rapeseed producers.

Large exporters of main crops:
TOP-30 corn exporters;
TOP -30 wheat exporters;
TOP -30 sunflower exporters;
TOP -30 rapeseed exporters.

Economic results of work of agricultural enterprises in 2009.
Numbers and share of agricultural enterprises which belong to agriholdings by regions.
Share of land utilized by agriholdings by regions.
Agriholdings’ capitalization and main production characteristics.

Cost structure for main crops:
- wheat;
- corn;
- barley;
- sunflower seeds;
- rapeseed;
- soybean;
- sugar beet.

Main parameters of FTA discussion with EU.


Languages: Russian and English
Date of issue: July 1, 2010 (Russian edition), August 1, 2010 (English edition)
Prices: here
Contacts: Association Ukrainian Agribusiness Club
Phone: + 38 067 3297280

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