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Land relations in Kyiv Oblast


    MyLand, 14/05/2010:


    Recently President of Ukraine has appointed a new head of Kyiv Oblast State Administration. The position is now held by Mr Anatoly Prysyazhnyuk. He has already made several critical remarks regarding the situation in land relations in the Oblast; in particular, he criticized the personnel policy of the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources (SCLR).
    SCLR at its web-site rejoined to the effect that it did so much to improve the situation that one could hardly expect. We will not spend our limited time and resources for translation of that self-eulogy by SCLR but we will use this rare opportunity to extract the information on some aspects of land relation in the Oblast with the highest land prices and the loudest land scandals. Otherwise no information is available.
    Delimitation of state and municipal land
    Bodies of local self-governance failed to approve a single project for delimitation of state-owned and municipal land. Decisions on delimitation (which are a basis for the said) were taken in respect of less than 30% of 1500 thousand ha subject to delimitation.
    Demarcation of boundaries of settlements
    There has been done demarcation of boundaries in 67% of settlements, including 6 out of 12 cities and 4 out of 14 towns.
    Demarcation of boundaries of objects of nature reserve fund
    Boundaries of nature reserves have been demarcated in kind (on surface) on 4500 ha out of 82000 ha (5.5%) – this is 6 time lower that the average Ukrainian level.
    Land inventory and land titling
    Out of 649000 ha of forest lands only 93000 ha have been inventoried (13.3%); the average Ukrainian level is about 27%. Land titling was done in respect of 11% of forest lands while the average Ukrainian level is almost 3 times higher.
    Out of 229000 ha of water fund lands only 12000 ha have been so far inventoried (5%). Again, while the situation with inventory of water fund lands in Ukraine is far from normal, Kyiv Oblast is lagging behind – the average Ukrainian level is 10%. Land titling on water fund lands has been completed on slightly more than 4% of the said lands (and this is nearly 3 times less than in general in Ukraine).
    Change of classification of land
    While Kyiv Oblast is lagging behind the whole country in implementation of the most necessary measures of land reform, it demonstrates unsurpassable agility in changing classification of land, first of all, of forest, water fund, agricultural and reserved lands. Starting from 2006, there have been re-classified over 2300 ha of the said lands. We are curious about the way SCLR calculated this figure if it asserted that the inventory had not been done in full.
    Use of funds for protection/improvement and reclamation of land
    These funds are accumulated when land parcels are withdrawn from forestry and/or agriculture and put into some other use, like industrial, commercial or residential development, which prevents further use of land for forestry and/or agriculture. Funds shall be used for improvement of land as well as for reclamation of new areas for forestry and/or agriculture. As of today, Kyiv Oblast accumulated UAH 211.8 million of the said money; contrary to the law, UAH 80 million were placed on bank saving accounts. At the same time no measures for the protection of land are funded. MyLand: We would point out that this money is being divided among budgets of three levels therefore funds are so dispersed that almost nothing could be done in a certain location. It takes to much time to accumulate necessary sum and even longer – to coordinate activities of different local bodies in order to get some tangible effect. Just a week ago new rules on use of these funds were passed by the Parliament, and from now on this money may be used also for funding land valuation and delimitation of state and municipal land. On May 13 the Parliament passed another law providing for the use of said funds also for land inventory works – it will become effective upon signing of the President).

     Source: State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources, 2010

     Translation and comments: Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine, 2010

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