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13.07.2011, 07:31

Study on the Challenges of Fraud to Land Administration Institutions

UNECE - July 2011

6.06.2011, 11:54

Cadastral Futures: Building a New Vision for the Nature and Role of Cadastres


14.10.2010, 06:40

Alleviating Poverty in the Developing World - Leveraging Property Rights with Geospatial Technology

by Peter Rabley. Published in The American Surveyor magazine in January 2010

8.09.2010, 20:40

Rising Global Interest in Farmland

Can it yield sustainable and equitable benefits? - World Bank report

30.06.2010, 07:26

Policy Framework for Sustainable Real Estate Markets: Principles and guidance for the development of

a country's real estate sector - UNECE, 2010

22.06.2010, 07:20

Crucial Connections: The Persistence of Large Farm Enterprises in Russia

Oane Visser, Radboud University Nijmegen

11.05.2010, 17:48

Land in Europe: Prices, Taxes and Use Patterns

European Environmental Agency, May 2010

3.03.2010, 04:46

Rapid Urbanization and Mega Cities: The Need for Spatial Information Management

Research study by FIG Commission 3 - FIG, 2010

8.02.2010, 05:30

Land and EU Accession

Review of the Transitional Restrictions by New Member States on the Acquisition of Agricultural Real Estate by Johan F.M. Swinnen and Liesbet Vranken

8.02.2010, 04:24

Land Markets and their Regulation: The Welfare Economics of Planning

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