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24.01.2012, 21:17

Rapid land use change after socio-economic disturbances:

the collapse of the Soviet Union versus Chernobyl - Patrick Hostert, Tobias Kuemmerle, Alexander Prishchepov, Anika Sieber, Eric F Lambin and Volker C Radeloff

9.01.2012, 20:09

Four Surveyors of Caesar: Mapping the World!

John F. BROCK, Australia

8.12.2011, 11:23

Agriculture in Kazakhstan: A success story

IAMO study shows: Agro-boom eradicates rural poverty

2.12.2011, 13:15

Crowdsourcing Support of Land Administration – A Partnership Approach

Robin MCLAREN, Scotland, UK

29.11.2011, 13:48

Energy-Smart Food for People and Climate

UN FAO report, November 2011

28.11.2011, 17:39

State of the World"s Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture

New FAO report profiles the state of the natural resource base upon which world food production depends

20.11.2011, 20:42

Agriculture key to addressing future water and energy needs

FAO vision presented at NEXUS conference in Bonn

5.11.2011, 22:40

Land Administration in a Networked Society

reports at WPLA seminar in Amsterd on October 12-15, 2011

5.10.2011, 07:30

Development of Agricultural Land Market in the Russian Federation


17.08.2011, 15:44

Sustainability and Property Taxation

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