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25.05.2011, 11:52

World-wide Inventory of the Status of 3D-Cadastres in 2010 and Expectations for 2014

Peter VAN Oosterom, Jantien Stoter, Hendrik Ploeger, Rod Thompson and Sudarshan Karki

28.04.2011, 09:46

Rural Property Rights in Ukraine

desk study by Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine, May 2010

25.07.2008, 12:19

State Land Management of Agricultural Land in Ukraine

Katja Dells, Maksym Fedorchenko, Oksana Frankewycz, Pieter Steffens

8.02.2008, 11:55

Spatial Planning at the Local Level: Community, Authority and Business

Max Fedorchenko, Alex Yanov at al

8.06.2007, 11:48

Prescriptory Acquisition in Land Law of Ukraine

by Max Fedorchenko

25.12.2006, 13:10

Land Law of Ukraine: Manual for Practitioners in 2 volumes

Volume 1: Land relations in Settlements by Max Fedorchenko and Alex Yanov

8.05.2005, 12:27

Ukraine: Effective Land Resources Management at the Local Level

Max Fedorchenko, Alex Yanov et al

25.12.2004, 13:35

Current Issues of Urban Land Administration in Ukraine

Max Fedorchenko, Alex Yanov

8.12.2003, 12:49

Land Reform and Land Relations in Ukraine

Manual for Journalists. Center for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine

28.11.2003, 16:01

Digest of the Best Publications of My Land Media Contest

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