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30.09.2011, 15:24

Agrarian land use in Ukraine will become much more expensive

officials say it will help rural areas

1.12.2010, 11:32

Is Derzhkomzem to survive?

MyLand is contemplating about possible reform of land administration in Ukraine

1.11.2010, 16:51

Prospects of sustainable development of Ukraine are questioned

Accounting Chamber of Ukraine discivered that National Ecological network is being built mostly in imagination of politicians

7.10.2010, 23:59

Get to work!

newly appointed Head of Derzhkomzem set up priority tasks for local departments of the Committee

3.09.2010, 14:45

Does anyone really need maps?

Accounting Chamber of Ukraine is disenchanted with the situation in mapping

27.08.2010, 10:01

Head of Derzhkomzem speaks to the media

Oleg Kulinich answers questions of Interfax-Ukraina

14.07.2010, 18:08

Misappropriation, abuse, corruption and incompetence

Main Control and Revision Office of Ukraine reports on results of revision in the system of State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources

15.03.2010, 06:22

Quality of land is deteriorating catastrophically

Accounting Chamber of Ukraine reports

9.03.2010, 17:26

Vicious circle

how to make critics effective

1.03.2010, 07:12

Derzhkomzem sets up priorities for 2010

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