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15.05.2013, 11:33

On-line access to cadastral data is a tool against corruption

official press-release pursuant to the international workshop in Kyiv

19.01.2012, 12:17

Expected contingency

Ukraine needs more time and effort to complete land cadastre

29.09.2011, 07:19

Ukraine has a chance to develop the best cadastre in the world

said Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Land Resources

28.09.2011, 12:56

Aerial photographing of the territory of Ukraine has been accomplished

Ukraine for the first time has complete picture of its territory

6.12.2010, 14:18

Accounting Chamber of Ukraine is worried with WB loan implementation

time and money are running out

23.12.2009, 01:13

Derzhkomzem expresses cautious optimism in respect of land cadastre prospects

official information

17.12.2009, 00:25

Gavin Adlington and Gottfrid Konecny on Ukraine's land cadastre

experts made assessment of the World Bank Project implementation in Ukraine

16.10.2009, 03:48

Accounting Chamber miscounted

State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources refutes accusation of the Accounting Chamber

8.10.2009, 21:29

Inactivity of the state and expensive gratuitous privatization

Accounting Chamber of Ukraine reports on auditing of Rural Land Titling and Cadastre Developement Project

1.10.2009, 04:27

Rural Land Titling and Cadastre Development Projest is under threat of delays

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