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18.05.2010, 21:53

Kyiv Oblast: Areas Under main Crops 1995-2009

table and diagram

14.05.2010, 04:31

Land relations in Kyiv Oblast

unexpected outburst of official stats

6.05.2010, 19:13

Poltava chernozem is the most valuable in Ukraine

Poltava reports the highest ground rent for land shares in 2009

22.09.2009, 06:16

Some figures on land relations in Mykolaiv Oblast

official information as of August 1, 2009

31.08.2009, 02:00

Privatization of agricultural land in Khmelnitsk Oblast

official figures as of August 20, 2009

14.08.2009, 20:27

Land market is inactive in Odessa

12.05.2009, 20:06

Primary land market of Volyn

official information

21.02.2009, 22:33

On Access to Land of Crimean Tatars Repatriated to Ukraine

Official Information as of February 5, 2009

2.02.2009, 23:44

Lease of Land Shares in Donetsk Oblast as of January 1, 2009

Official information

29.01.2009, 03:20

Land Reform in Zakarpattya Oblast of Ukraine in 2008

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