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19.10.2010, 16:14

President of Ukraine announces land reform

Victor Yanukovich says that Ukraine needs land reform

1.10.2010, 14:07

Ukraine may have laws on land market before the end of 2010

President of Ukraine declares that all laws have already been drafted and will be put to public scrutiny and debate

18.08.2010, 11:24

Danger is not in "who" owns land, but in "how" it is owned

MyLand on prospects of land reform in Ukraine

17.06.2010, 11:33

President of Ukraine supports fast effective reform of land relations

Land legislation is out of work, Presidents says

3.06.2010, 06:58

President of Ukraine announced reforms

land market and agriculture are on the agenda

1.06.2010, 14:04

High hopes: Minister hopes for agricultural land market opening on January 1, 2011

it may become possible to buy up to 10000 ha

27.05.2010, 06:25

Land to peasants - over and over again

speech of Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine

7.05.2010, 21:09

Victor Yanukovich: Ukraine "has frozen its treasure"

President of Ukraine urges reform of land legislation

30.04.2010, 10:20

Moratorium may be lifted in 2011?

news from the Administration of President of Ukraine

31.03.2010, 05:42

Land market in Ukraine: another postponement?

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