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29.06.2011, 22:43

Ukrainian farming: untapped potential

Roman Olearchyk - Financial Times, June 27, 2011

15.06.2011, 22:06

President expects a lot from completion of land reform

elimination of corruption - among priorities of land reform

28.04.2011, 09:25

Lease rent shall be economically sound and include a component of social responsibility of tenants

Prime-Minister of Ukraine says

22.03.2011, 09:42

"We have a task – to launch the land market in 2012"

President of Ukraine sets the task and reminds ministers about their personal responisibility

16.03.2011, 20:36

Priorities of completing land reform in Ukraine

President of Ukraine discusses priorities with Minister of Agricultural Policy

28.02.2011, 10:43

President of Ukraine: Land reform must not be protracted

Victor Yanukovych wants to speed up land reform

23.02.2011, 11:27

Minister: Land market in Ukraine will start working next year

official information

11.02.2011, 10:57

Land reform "is not only overdue, but is long overdue"

President of Ukraine said

17.01.2011, 17:12

President of Ukraine: Process of economic reforms shall become irreversible

"continuation of land reform" is reiterated again

15.12.2010, 10:07

President of Ukraine: delays with introduction of land market caused by incomplete land reform

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