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  The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and its Real Estate Market Advisory Group, together with the German Federal Environment Agency, are organizing a workshop on greening real estate markets to be held in Dessau, Germany on 26 and 27 April 2010. Speakers and participants in the event will review existing obstacles and ascertain economic and social benefits associated to a green real estate sector as follows:
- The impact of a more intensive use of green technologies on the durability of homes and the lower operations and maintenance costs for families;
- The role of local authorities in the design of public private partnerships;
- Existing tax-incentives available to facilitate green retrofits and new construction and the trade-offs involved for targeted regulatory schemes;
- The potential of updating certification and existing accounting practices of firms to better quantify the effect of green investments;
- The introduction of green building valuation methods in the analysis of risk for investments with real estate collateral;
- The impact of increased use of green technologies on higher productivity and better health of populations through improved living spaces;
- The impact of green updates for countries facing restrictions in access to vital resources (such as water).
  Background information regarding the topics to be covered can be found in the concept note. The goal of the workshop is to learn from the experience of stakeholders and to dis-cuss challenges and opportunities for UNECE Member States. The outcomes of the event will allow participants to identify policy guidance and set priorities on how to intensify the use of green technologies in the real estate sector.
  The event is addressed to national and local authorities, relevant NGOs and the private sector. The workshop’s language is English. Presentations at the workshop should focus on either of the challenges (and its related policy recommendations) referred above. Should you be interested in presenting at this event, kindly send a 500 word description of your presentation to the Secretariat no later than 15 February 2010 at: (Please type “Event in Dessau” under Subject in your message). The Secretariat will contact selected speakers during the following weeks.

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