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State control over land use and protection is geopardized by personnel policy


  December 25, 2009:

  On December 22, 2009 the session of the Commission for Consideration and Complex Solution of Issues of Realization of State Policy in the Sphere of Rational  Use and Protection of Land took place. The session was chaired by Ms Bogatyryova, Secretary of the Council for National Security and Defense of Ukraine.
  The Commission had two points on the agenda: the problem of personnel policy in state bodies of land resources and status of creation of automated cadastral system. The Commission decided to consider these two issues because of the situation which developed in land relations in Ukraine and has recently become very urgent.
  Having heard the report of the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources (Mr Petruk, Deputy Head of the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources, was reporting), the Commission pointed out that issues of social protection of land owners and land users, protection of natural resources, preservation of environment are disregarded in land relations. The reason for such disregard was purposeful deterioration of personnel of the state bodies of land resources, which in turn facilitates uncontrollable dealing with land.
  The Government has again ignored decisions of the Council for National Security and Defense of Ukraine in respect of personnel reinforcement of the management of the State Committee and its local units, improvement of its material and technical supplying. Moreover, the State Inspection of Ukraine for Control Over Land Use and Protection was wound up (MyLand: it was wound up as a department subordinate to the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine and now it is being re-created as a department of the State Committee). The Commission concluded that this would inevitably lead to weakening of the state control over land use and protection.
  The Commission also pointed out that the system of institutes of land surveying is being destroyed. This system used to be a leading scientific and designing institution not only in Ukraine but also in post-Soviet states. Among those almost ten persons who during 2009 were holding the position of director of the Main Scientific and Experimental and Designing Institute of Land Surveying there was only one professional land surveyor.
  Ever growing personnel politicization of state regulation of land relations, in particular, appointment to positions in state bodies of land resources according to party quotes, had negative effect upon public confidence in authority credibility, its ability to provide and secure rule of law in land relations.
  Development of land market in Ukraine is impossible without urgent and deep clearing out unqualified employees of dubious morals from state bodies of land resources. Managers positions in such bodies shall be reserved only for experienced professionals.
  The Commission noted that the State Committee along with its subordinate enterprise “Center of State land Cadastre” failed to create and put into functioning the automated system of land cadastre as well as the State registry of rights in real estate. The paper-based cadastral system, which was successfully functioning from the Soviet times and providing complete and concise registration of all land plots and their properties, have practically been destroyed.
  Attempts to introduce automated cadastral system while ignoring accomplishments made prior to 1990 were doomed by staffing policy applied in land administration system.
  The existing system for registration of land titles and lease contracts produces social tension; facilitates violation of land rights of citizens, limits capacity of citizens to dispose of their landed property.
  The Commission declared the working of the State Committee unsatisfactory in the field of personnel policy, creating and introduction of automated cadastral system and state registry of rights in real estate. The Commission took necessary decisions (MyLand: these decisions become effective when approved and brought into force by Presidential Decree. The State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources informed that the Commission decided to consider the situation with land cadastre in May 2010).

  Source: Council for National Security and Defence of Ukraine, 2009

  Translation: MyLand, 2009. Use of this information only upon written authorization of Myland

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