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Derzhkomzem expresses cautious optimism in respect of land cadastre prospects


  State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources, December 22, 2009:

  Deputy Head of the State Committee of Ukraine Serhiy Belchyk said that the Committee was prepared to apply the best efforts in order to create the land cadastre system in Ukraine before June 2012.
  He said that due to the support of the World Bank Ukraine has necessary funds for mapping works and establishment of digital data base of cadastre. He pointed out that the World Bank Project “Rural Land Titling and Cadastre Development” shall be completed by June 2012, and this is the deadline which the Committee has to meet.
  Mr Belchyk referred to the opinion of the Gavin Adlington, expert of the World Bank, who thought that land cadastre in Ukraine may be set up in 2,5 year term. Yet Mr Adlington said that the task was super-complex.
  Mr Belchyk also said that the most hard times for the Project ended up in May 2009, when the restructuring was over and funding was renewed. He reminded that funding was suspended since 2006, and upon renewal of Project works in 2009 the World Bank changed the status of the Project – from “unsatisfactory” to “moderately satisfactory”. Mr Belchyk expressed his opinion that the land cadastre may be set up before June 2012 if the work is keeping the same pace as it used to have after restructuring.
  At the same time he stressed that there are still unsettled issues, first of all, of the legislative nature. There is still no law on land cadastre; besides, there are issues beyond the competence of the Committee, and a lot of time was lost because of endless debates about the body which shall be entrusted with the task of land registration (Committee of the Ministry of Justice). In fact, he said, we have to catch up with the time lost since 2006. And that is why the Committee is able to guarantee the completion of that part of work which is directly depends on the Committee.

  Translation: MyLand, 2009

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