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Gavin Adlington and Gottfrid Konecny on Ukraine's land cadastre


  MyLand, December 17, 2009:

  Recently experts of the World Bank visited Ukraine in order to perform an assessment of the implementation of the WB Project “Rural Land Titling and Development of Cadastre". Such assessments are done at least twice a year. Here we briefly reproduce conclusions made by Gavin Adlington and Gottfrid Konecny.

  Gottfrid Konecny: Out of 200 countries of the world only 50 have land cadastre, and another 50 are trying to set up one. It is clear that cadastral system is an asset for the economy, in particular, for the establishment of land market. From the professional point of view it is a necessity, a must, especially for the post-Socialist countries which used to lack private property. These countries are the first candidates for the creation of land cadastre. All the rest of Europe, West from the former Socialist block, has the system in place and running. And developing countries, as a rule, miss the system. Setting up the cadastre requires first of all money – and Ukraine has money, lent for the implementation of WB Project “Rural Land Titling and Cadastre Development” which is to be completed by June 2012.

  What hinders the implementation of the Project in Ukraine – first of all, a complex system of administration, over-regulation. There are limitations and rules which prevent following the most cost-effective and the simplest from the technical point of view way. It leads to delays. In order to bypass such conundrums there is joint administration of the Project by the World Bank and the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources.

  Similar project are being implemented in other states – former members of the USSR. Georgia is a good example – there everything starts from the law on cadastre (and Ukraine is still missing the said law - ML). Moldova shows good progress – the similar project is almost completed there.

  In order to meet the target of establishing a cadastral system, Ukraine needs the following: first – to create maps for the cadastre and information system for storing and processing cartography data. Second – to overcome legislative barriers and drawbacks, first of all, to adopt a law on cadastre which shall be as simple as possible. The issue is not a length of the law, but its quality.
  The last but not least – cadastral information and data shall become accessible for territorial authorities as soon as possible. The law on cadastre shall rule the accessibility of date, data sharing and exchange. And the sooner an adequate law on cadastre is adopted, the sooner the system of bylaws governing the cadastre at all levels will be set up.

  As regards the mapping – orthophotomaps have been done for 70% of the area of Ukraine (outside settlements), for 40% of the territory of settlements. Index maps have been made for 10% of the national territory.

  Gavin Adlington: Establishment of cadastre in Ukraine before 2012 is a super complex task, but still – it is possible to do so. But if the process is going by the same pace as it used to during last years, it will take longer time, at least 2-3 year more. It directly depends upon completion of Project works – creation of cartography base of cadastre and information system – digital data base. Mr Adlington says that it is necessary to produce index maps for the whole territory of Ukraine, but the first and the most complex task is establishment of the information system and filling it with data. According to his extensive experience, it never takes less than 2 years to set up the information system.

  A necessary precondition for completion of all works in 2012 is consistent, quick and well-coordinated actions on the part of the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources and all those upon whom it depends. It is necessary to find an effective contract who will start the job immediately. Another complex task – to organize an effective contract management on the part of the State Committee.

  Mr Adlington pointed out that the problem is much more complicated in settlements. There are buildings and houses which are listed in different registers and registered by different bodies. And while there is no unified system which is capable of adequate functioning in settlements the question is unsettled. But establishment of such unified system is beyond the Project scope.

  Mr Adlington stressed that establishment of the unified registry in essence is not a technical issue, it is an administrative issue which shall be settled by the law and bylaws. In setting up of real estate cadastre in urban areas Ukraine is lagging behind all its neighbors. Mr Adlington said that to his experience, creation of urban real estate cadastre in smaller countries takes 5-6 years. Ukraine is bigger, and it can take up to 10 years.

  Source: State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources, site of the WB Project "Rural Land Titling and Cadastre Development", 2009

  Translation: MyLand, 2009

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