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   State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources, December 8, 2009:

  State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources has started pointing fingers. Yesterday, on December 8, it published at its official web-site an article whish says that notorious illegal dealing with land in Obukhiv District of Kiev Oblast is in fact sheltered by the head of District State Administration (a persons appointed by the President of Ukraine) and head of Distrcit Council (a persons elected by the people).
  In particular, the Committee refers to the announcement made by the police in November that one of employees (a janitor) by mistake burned down more than one thousand land titles (actually, those were the second issues which kept in the department of land resources while the first issues are kept by land owners).
  The Committee did not believe that land titles were burned down by mistake and decided to dismiss the head of local department of land resources. A new head was appointed.
  But the new head of the department could not enter the premises because some unidentified persons maintained effective physical resistance his entering the premises and assuming the position.
  Moreover, three days later, head of the State District Administration Mr Ostrinsky and head of the District Rada Mr Shafarenko issued an order which is clearly beyond their competence: they appointed a certain person "an acting head of the District Department of Land Resources".
  The Committee says that they have done so because they are the most interested in keeping current chaotic and criminalized status quo in land relations in the District which is known for constant land scandals and also – for high land prices.
  The Committee says that as long ago as in September 2008 it issued an order requiring reorganization of Obukhiv District Department of Land Resources in order to make it an integral (and obedient) part of the State Committee. But still, the Department is not reorganized because of resistance of local state administration and local District Rada.
  The Committee makes conclusion that one shall not wonder that Obukhiv District is notorious for endless criminal dealing with land, disappearance of land titles and archive information and illegal allocation of land etc.
  The Committee says that at the moment there are persons applying immense efforts to get their claws into the archive of Obukhiv Department of Land Resources in order to conceal their criminal activity. This is why the Committee submitted a petition to the office of The Prosecutor Genral of Ukraine in order to initiate necessary checks and take appropriate measures.

  Summary and English translation produced by Myland, 2009

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