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Review of boundaries of zones of radioactive contamination is on time


  MyLand, 26/11/2009:

  Main Control and Revision Office of Ukraine reports on November 26, 2009, that it conducted checks of appropriation of budget funds provided for social protection of citizens who suffered from Chernobyl disaster.
  Among other things, officers of MCRO discovered that the mechanism for review of boundaries of zones of radioactive pollution was weakly regulated, and the zones are not in compliance with results of annual radiation monitoring.
  In 1991 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine defined zones of radioactive pollution and approved list of settlements which suffered from pollution as a result of nuclear power plant explosion in Chernobyl in 1986. The list includes 2293 settlements of 12 oblasts of Ukraine.
  But within the time which passed since the disaster there have been positive changes in the level of pollution, and annual observation proved that some areas are not polluted anymore, the level of radioactive background is within allowed limits.
  MCRO says that out of 2293 settlements only 814 are still polluted, and 1479 shall be definetely excluded from the list.
  MCRO submitted its petitions to Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine and to Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine, and both Ministries confirmed that changes were on time.
  But there are no changes and no progress, because the mechanism for changing boundaries of zones of radioactive pollution is not well-regulated. According to the law, boundaries of zones are defined and reviewed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the basis of reports of specially authorized bodies and upon the submission of Oblast Radas.
  At the same time another law says that competence of Oblast Radas in the field of use and protection of land, natural resources and protection of environment is delegated to Oblast State Administrations.
  That means that Oblast Radas cannot submit any petitions regarding boundaries of radioactive zones to the Cabinet of Ministers, because they do not have any information on the level of pollution (this information is accumulated in Oblast State Administrations which are not entitled to submit the said petitions to the Government - a deadlock).
  One problem of public administration leads to another, and limited budget allowances for solving problems of polluted territories are dispersed among too many recipients, most of which shall not be receiving these funds at all. MCRO calculated that in 2007-2008 this problem cost the state budget UAH 400 million (USD 80 million) of unnecessary expenses.
  Summary of report of MCRO has been produced and translated by MyLand, 2009

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