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19.06.2009, 00:40

Unlawful House Comes Down

Planning Portal, UK, Roger Milne

22.02.2009, 03:18

Judgement gives new slant on tree definition

5.02.2009, 23:31

Global Concerns in Compulsory Purchase and Compensation Processes

Kauko Viitanen, Finland, Ibimina Kakulu, Nigeria

5.02.2009, 02:07

Agricultural Land Use in Germany

agricultural land area by main types of use

20.01.2009, 03:11

Development of Russian System of Cadastre as a Basis of Russian Land Reform

Wessely Reinhold (in Russian)

15.09.2008, 20:11

Management and Privatization of State-Owned Agricultural Land

Case Studies from Eastern Germany and Ukraine - lessons learned for countries in transition - by KATJA DELLS, Germany (for FIG/FAO/CNG International Seminar on State and Public Land Management, Verona, Italy, Sept. 9-10, 2008)

15.09.2008, 10:32

Effective and Transparent Management of Public Land

by Mr. Willy Zimmermann

22.06.2008, 10:53

What Makes the Swedish Cadastral System so Special and Successful?

Mrs. Agneta ERICSSON, Sweden

22.06.2008, 10:43

Conceptual Framework for Governance in Land Administration

Mr. Tony BURNS and Dr. Kate DALRYMPLE, Australia

28.07.2007, 16:25

Land Markets - Why are They Required and How Will They Develop?

by Robert MAHONEY, Peter DALE, Robin McLAREN, United Kingdom << Prev. 10Next 10 >>

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