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28.09.2011, 12:56

Aerial photographing of the territory of Ukraine has been accomplished

Ukraine for the first time has complete picture of its territory

14.09.2011, 14:17

What peasants to expect?

abstracts from the speech of the First Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Economic Development Andriy Klyuev

7.09.2011, 21:56

President demands taking measures to stop stealing of land in Ukraine

official release

6.09.2011, 11:33

Ukraine is facing deep reform of agrarian sector

said President of Ukraine at the opening of the 9th session of the Parliament of Ukraine of the 6th convocation

3.09.2011, 22:32

Primary Land Market of Ukraine in January-July 2011

official stats

10.08.2011, 07:15

On land market and cadastre

statements of the Head of State Agency of Ukraine on Land Resources

8.07.2011, 07:00

Land market: pro or contra?

conspect of Myland speech at roundtable on July 7, 2011

29.06.2011, 22:43

Ukrainian farming: untapped potential

Roman Olearchyk - Financial Times, June 27, 2011

22.06.2011, 07:20

Some results of land and agrarian reforms in Ukraine

official information

20.06.2011, 08:45

Ukraine will have functioning land market in 2012

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