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15.05.2013, 11:33

On-line access to cadastral data is a tool against corruption

official press-release pursuant to the international workshop in Kyiv

23.04.2013, 14:50

Victor Yanukovich: Land reform must take into account interests of owners of shares

17.04.2013, 15:03

Lease of land shares in Ukraine in 2013

official information

10.10.2012, 13:54

Much ado about nothing

Foreigners are not allowed to acquire farmland in Ukraine, - says President of Ukraine

23.09.2012, 07:31

Prime-Minister of Ukraine is full of doubts

too much work, too short time

31.08.2012, 12:24

Land reform is high on the governmental agenda

official information

3.07.2012, 15:12

Land market is closing in

highest officials of Ukraine talking about further development og agrarian and land reforms in Ukraine

14.05.2012, 12:02

Lease of land shares in Ukraine

some official data for the first quarter of 2012

6.05.2012, 08:21

Prime-Minister says that industrial crops are exhausting Ukrainian soils

agrarians will be talked to

29.02.2012, 11:07

President of Ukraine on land market

interview of Victor Yanukovich (unofficial translation)Next 10 >>

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