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20.11.2011, 11:02

Draft Concept for National Program for Use and Protection of Land

version of November 18, 2011

4.11.2010, 17:39

Draft Concept for New Reading of the Land Code of Ukraine

published by the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources on Nov. 4. 2010

7.04.2010, 05:24

Ruling in the case about jurisdiction of administrative courts in land-related matters

Ruling of Constitutional Court of Ukraine April 1, 2010

12.03.2010, 05:19

New Reading of Law of Ukraine "On State Registration of Real Rights in Immovable Property

and Encumbrances Thereof" - Law of Ukraine of 11/02/2010 № 1878-VI

11.12.2009, 04:43

On Alienation of Land Plots and Other Objects of Real Estate Located Thereupon and Privately Owned

for Public Needs or On Grounds of Public Urgency - Law of Ukraine of 17/11/2009 # 1559-VI

27.10.2009, 00:39

Ponomarenko v. Ukraine

Judgement of European Court of Human Rights of 14/07/2007

22.04.2009, 01:29

Ruling in the Case about Right to Repel (Change) Decision of Local Self-Governance

Ruling of April 16, 2009

16.02.2009, 00:50

Rules of development of standard documents

First standard by Derzhkomzem!

26.01.2009, 04:12

Land Auctions and Religious Organizations

State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources gives official opinion

11.11.2008, 14:51

Ruling in the Case About Land Auctions

Ruling of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine of November 11, 2008Next 10 >>

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