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Derzhkomzem fails to ensure observance of land laws


    Today, on October 23, 2009, the Office of the Public Prosecutor General has held the meeting of the Board. In his speech at the opening of the meeting, the Public Prosecutor General of Ukraine Mr MEDVEDKO said that the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources fails to ensure effective control over fulfillment of land laws of Ukraine.
    According to Mr Medvedko, the Committee failed to call back over 400 illegal conclusions on allocation of land [he probably meant conclusions of the Committee itself as well as of its local departments which are an in inalienable part of land surveying documentation drafting of which precedes making of decisions on allocation of state and municipal land - MyLand]. No official was brought to responsibility, he added.
     Mr Medvedko also said that the will be no positive developments in land relations until individuals who were declared corrupt by court decisions are holding positions in the State Committee.
     He quoted a case when a prosecutor’s check of the activities of one of the officials of the Committee’ central office gave solid grounds for the dismissal of the said official. But soon after dismissal that person appeared to be appointed a deputy head of the Committee Main Department in Vinnytsya Oblast.
     Mr Medvedko advised the Prosecutor of Vinnytsya Oblast to pay special attention to the activities of the said person in his new office.
     He also draw attention of prosecutors to numerous cases of violation of land and environmental laws of Ukraine and to growing number of illegal seizures of land plots and use of land contrary to its end-purpose.

      Source: InterMedia Consulting, 2009

      Translation: MyLand, 2009

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