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Creation of awareness about experiences and best practices in the field of land administration


  MyLand announces new Initiative - Creation of awareness about experiences and best practices in the field of land administration
  On February 11, 2009 we started this new Initiative in the field of information support of land reform and land relations in Ukraine. We offer professionals and stakeholders Ukrainian translations of papers and books on different aspects of land relations and land management.
  We believe that knowledge and experiences of our neighbours can make a prerequisite of better quality of reforms in Ukraine.
  We believe that it is very useful for Ukrainians to get closer to experiences and practices of our neighbours and partners in the world - in order to benefit from the best and to avoid the worst.
  The Initiative is so far running on its own, without donors’ support. One may support us by becoming PARTNER OF INITIATIVE or PARTNER OF TRANSLATION.
  All translation work is done on written and express permission of copyright holders and authors.
  As of November 25, 2010 we have completed translation of 6 papers and 1 book:

- Land Administration in Norway by HANS SEVATDAL;

- Using Cadastres to Support Sustainable Development by IAN WILLIAMSON;

- What Makes Swedish Cadastral System So Special and Successful? by AGNETA ERICSSON;

- Global Concerns in Compulsory Purchase and Compensation Processes by KAUKO VIITANEN and IBIMINA KAKULU;

- Effective and Transparent Management of Public Land Experiences, Guiding Principles and Tools for Implementation by Mr. Willi ZIMMERMANN;

- Compulsory Acquisition of Land and Compensation by UN FAO;

- Corruption and Land Administration by PAUL VAN DER MOLEN and ARBIND TULANDHAR.

  We would like to express our gratitude to Mr Sevatdal, Mr Williamson, Ms Ericsson, Mr Viitanen and Ms Kakulu, Mr Zimmermann, UN FAO and personally to Mr Torhonen for granting us permission to translate these works.


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